the world of Carlo Somma

After years of research and study with great masters of precious stones, with flair competence and creativity, Carlo Somma launched his first collection in 2000. He offered services to Bulgari, the third major group of high-end jewelry in the world after Tiffany and Cartier, creating, i.e., designing, and providing stones & gems to them. He specializes in top qualities colored gemstones, special the Brazilian Tourmaline Paraiba, which has become one of the most rare precious stones in the world. He exhibited and commercialized his pieces in many parts of the world, with & without his personal signature, having his pieces bought by famous personalities, Miss Brazil 2001 & 2004, and many other top models, journalists, talk-show hosts, politicians, and noteworthy professionals in the international and national market. He received creation prizes, participated on Parla Mundi, and had his pieces divulged on international magazines.  Carlo Somma only works with the best quality stones for his collections. Because of his expertise and experience, he chooses to spend a lot of his time traveling around the world in search of the "perfect stones".