Paraiba Toumaline Brazil

RING - This is one of these exceptional rarities. Besides its large size, this extraordinary gemstone possesses a saturated and homogeneous pure blue color, combined with a very high degree of transparency. A pleasant shape and finely proportioned cut provide numerous vivid reflections of a vibrant blue color, and high purity of the gemstone makes it virtually eye-clean. Paraiba Brazil Old Mine 7.87 cushion cut, transparent strong Blu GEM top quality, eye clean, no heating, N-None (no enhancement) has 3 certificates: SSEF, GIA, GÜBELIN. mounting with diamonds 4 stones 1.37 D,G VVS2-VS2, 12 stones 2.08 E-G IF- VS2 and in Platinum and 18k gold. $1500000.00

  • Category: Masterpiece